The Office of Apprenticeship announced new co-enrollment policy for apprenticeship grants effective August 12, 2020.

What is co-enrollment?   Co-enrollment is defined as enrolling a participant in more than one grant program, contract program, or cooperative agreement program, that is funded with apprenticeship appropriated funds  and where they are receiving grant, contract, or cooperative agreement-funded participant services. Co-enrollment services can include training (such as related technical instruction and on-the-job learning/on-the-job training), supportive services, and other activities supported by ETA funds. Co-enrollment is intended to maximize the number of resources available to participants in apprenticeship and other job training programs, while minimizing duplication of services.


Please note, grantees cannot co-enroll participants more than once in the same Office of Apprenticeship (OA)-funded program.  State apprenticeship expansion grants are considered the same program. Therefore, participants cannot be co-enrolled in more than one state apprenticeship expansion grant State Apprenticeship Expansion/Apprenticeship State Expansion/State Apprenticeship Expansion 2020 (SAE/ASE/SAE 2020).

OA updated co-enrollment policy FAQs available here.

If you have any questions about this updated policy, please contact your assigned FPO.