In 2016, DOL provided State Apprenticeship Expansion (SAE) grants to 36 states and 1 territory to grow apprenticeship. Grantees are using funds in three critical ways:

  • To deepen business engagement
  • To build and diversify the pipeline of apprentices
  • To integrate apprenticeship into states’ broader workforce development, economic development, and educational systems.    
This Resource Page showcases innovative strategies from Florida, Maryland, and Montana to build integrated state systems and partnerships to advance apprenticeship as a talent development solution.
  • Florida – Integrated apprenticeship into their sector strategies approach, forged system-wide partnerships, and tapped close to 100 volunteers to identify strategies to expand apprenticeship in key areas of policy, business outreach, population outreach, and data sharing.
  • Maryland – Realigned the state agency to move apprenticeship into the workforce development division – making apprenticeship more about a flexible, customizable workforce solution for businesses, as evidenced by approval of the state’s first competency-based Registered Apprenticeship program.
  • Montana – Integrated apprenticeship into efforts to align economic development, workforce development, and education by creating a jointly-funded advocate position, embedding state apprenticeship staff in local areas, and expanding the role of community colleges in apprenticeship.  

Three brief Case Studies and a five-minute video tell their stories.