This toolkit provides valuable technical assistance tools for the design and implementation of On-the-Job Training programs, including a Policy & Procedures Manual, an FAQ and sample documentation.

Key Resources:


  • On-The-Job Training (OJT) Policy and Procedures Manual – This document is designed to assist OJT providers by providing minimum standards and suggestions for operating federally-funded OJT programs. The document also provides suggestions for developing consistent protocols and processes across workforce areas for outreach in order to build effective OJT programs.
  • OJT Contract Checklist– The checklist is designed to assist OJT providers by providing an accessible reference to assist in developing OJT Contracts. 
  • Sample FAQs This document provides a host of frequently asked questions along with answers regarding OJT programs.
  • Sample OJT Contract This document serves as a sample or template OJT providers can use to assist in developing their own contracts.
  • Sample Training Plan Documentation – This page provides a number of resources to assist OJT providers in planning and implementing OJT training plans. Resources include a pre-award checklist, sample training plan, sample training plan modification form, and sample progress report and invoice form.
  • Sample OJT Training Referral Letters – This page provides several examples of referral letters from the workforce system to employers that can be used by OJT providers in developing their own referral documents.