State Apprenticeship Expansion (SAE) grantees can use the links below to access information and training designed to support the successful implementation of their grants. 


  • SAE Grantee Frequently Asked Questions -- The SAE Grantee FAQ document was created by the ETA Office of Apprenticeship (OA) to answer grantee questions about allowable grant activities, outcomes and performance reporting, eligible participants, Registered Apprenticeship strategies, serving target populations, and more. 
  • Apprenticeship Connections Newsletter -- The Apprenticeship Connections newsletter keeps SAE Grantees up-to-date on new technical assistance resources, grantee projects and innovative apprenticeship strategies, upcoming events, and apprenticeship in the news.
  • 2017 SAE Grantee Conference -- OA held a conference for all SAE grantees in May 2017.  The conference provided grantees with an opportunity to work with their state peers, technical assistance coaches, subject matter experts, and Federal staff on grant-specific challenges and opportunities.  Speaker presentations and other conference materials are archived on this page.
  • SAE Grantee Training Materials -- This page provides examples of internal training materials used by SAE grantees to help drive coordinated change and alignment of initiatives around advancing apprenticeship as a state-wide workforce development effort.
  • SAE Grantee Promising Practices -- The Promising Practices Resource Pages showcases three short SAE grantee Case Studies and a five-minute video featuring these innovators’ stories in their words. The Case Studies include a brief description of the innovation, advice and considerations for replication, a look at what’s ahead, and links for more information.