Awarded by the U.S. Department of Labor to 36 states and 1 territory in November 2016, State Apprenticeship Expansion (SAE) grants have played a major role in apprenticeship expansion nationwide. In the Fall of 2018 groups of grantees collaborated through two SAE Innovation Cohorts to develop solutions to specific apprenticeship expansion challenges.

States that participated in the cohorts assembled teams composed of SAE grantee staff and appropriate workforce and education partners to explore post-secondary educational alignment and partnering with the workforce system.

This page provides for the key challenges identified in the Innovation Cohorts and recommended resources that states can use to address similar challenges.

The Workforce System Partnership Cohort explored the following key challenges:

  1. Building a system of apprenticeship access points that have the knowledge and capacity to connect individuals to employers with existing or new apprenticeship opportunities,
  2. Integrating apprenticeship into the workforce development system to improve job seeker access to apprenticeship opportunities, and
  3. Opening up the apprenticeship pipeline for employers.

Click here to review the recommended resources for addressing workforce system partnership challenges.


The Post-Secondary Educational Alignment Cohort explored the following key challenges:

  1. Aligning resources and incentives for PSE institutions,
  2. Aligning business’ interests with educational institution’s practices, and
  3. Streamlining career pathway program alignment between educational institutions.

Click here to review the recommended resources for addressing post-secondary educational alignment challenges.