The Apprenticeship Expansion Self-Assessment was created to help apprenticeship expansion grantees — SAE, ASE, and SAE 2020 grantees — identify, plan, and execute comprehensive apprenticeship expansion strategies.  The tool helps grantees identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth and connects them to targeted resources to help prepare, plan, and implement effectively.

The Self-Assessment is based on the five key elements for successful apprenticeship expansion.  This framework was developed from observations of effective apprenticeship expansion work happening in states over the last few years and given a minor update in fall 2020 to add content related to sustaining apprenticeship expansion during changing economic times. 

Results from this Self-Assessment will help ASE and SAE grantees identify top-level areas of strength and growth.  More detailed results will be shared with the state contact identified in the Self-Assessment by their Maher & Maher TA coach.  Coaches will work directly with grantees to develop an action and learning plan that will serve as the organizing framework for technical assistance.  Grantees can use the Self-Assessment to establish a baseline for strategic planning and take it again to assess progress.

Before accessing the Self-Assessment online, all SAE, ASE, and SAE 2020 grantees should:

  1. Read the Apprenticeship Expansion Self-Assessment Handbook for instructions on how to complete the Self-Assessment.
  2. Review the Elements of Effective Apprenticeship Expansion and the PDF version of the Self-Assessment.
  3. Decide who will provide input on the Self-Assessment and the process for gathering information.

The above referenced documents are accessible via "Related Content" on the left-hand side of this page.

Once you have completed the steps above, use this link to access the Self-Assessment and choose the responses that best align to apprenticeship activity in your state.

Thank you for your input!