As states have become deeply engaged in apprenticeship expansion, we have identified five elements that are positioning states for success:

  • State leadership and policy
  • Outreach and business engagement
  • Capacity to launch, develop, and manage programs
  • Development of an apprenticeship pipeline and steps to increase diversity
  • Alignment with career pathways and postsecondary education

Learn more about each of these elements via the Elements of Effective Apprenticeship Expansion document and through their respective resource pages linked below.

Element 1: State Leadership and Policy

Element 2: Outreach and Business Engagement

Element 3: Capacity to Launch, Develop, and Manage Programs

Element 4: Development of an Apprenticeship Pipeline and Steps to Increase Diversity

Element 5: Alignment with Career Pathways and Postsecondary Education

States and organizations are evaluating and adapting their apprenticeship expansion strategies in the context of new economic and public health challenges. To align with the 5 Elements of Effective Apprenticeship Expansion framework, a suite of resiliency resources were created to help state apprenticeship teams with this important work. States can use these resources to support continued apprenticeship growth and diversification strategies in challenging times. For these tools and resources, click here