Consistent, accurate financial and performance reporting allows grantees to assess effectiveness, make data-informed improvements, be accountable to taxpayers, and meet their apprenticeship expansion goals. Several resources are available to help Apprenticeship State Expansion (ASE) grantees submit accurate grant reports and troubleshoot common reporting challenges.  Below are links to these resources.

Performance Reporting - Here you will find information that pertains to government grants and their reporting policies.  We will list current announcements and material that is significant to ASE grant reporting under this section.   All Performance reporting will be consolidated here once WIPS is fully implemented, until then general and training resources will be located here, WIPS and Interim performance reporting will have their own sections – see list below.

Fiscal Reporting - The items linked here will assist in being a good steward and manager of your federal grant.  Webinars, webpages, forms and instructions are some of the tools found in this section.

Interim Reporting - WIPS (Workforce Integrated Performance System) is on its way to the ASE grant community - however, in the interim, here is where the tools to assist in taking the necessary steps to good reporting can be found, as well as interim guidance and templates.

WIPS Reporting - Everything WIPS (Workforce Integrated Performance System) can be accessed through this link. Find and understand the PIRL (Participant Individual Record Layout) and its relationship to WIPS and the ASE grants.

ASE Annual Report - A March 2021 webinar on Statewide Apprenticeship Expansion Strategies and your ASE-funded Annual Report looks at ways a few peer states are leveraging the required ASE Annual Report to tell the story of apprenticeship expansion in their state and state expansion grants' role in supporting that growth.