Consistent, accurate financial and performance reporting allows grantees to assess effectiveness, make data-informed improvements, be accountable to taxpayers, and meet their apprenticeship expansion goals. Several resources are available to help Apprenticeship State Expansion (ASE) grantees submit accurate grant reports and troubleshoot common reporting challenges.  Below are links to these resources.

Performance Reporting

  • ASE First Quarterly Report Instructions – Prior to the implementation of the reporting system, grantees will utilize ‘interim reporting’ processes.  The Employment and Training Administration released ASE interim reporting instructions specific to reports due November 14, 2019, which include interactive suggested template reports as well as instructions.  Guidance for subsequent quarters is forthcoming.  *Documents attached to this PDF were updated 11/6/2019 to include a revised QPR which repaired the the Grant # and Grantee Name cells to auto-populate across the quarters once entered on the first tab.  The revision also repaired the bug in the Grant # cell.  All other information remains the same.*
  • ETA Performance and Results Webpage – This page will help you understand how performance is measured, reported, and assessed at ETA. It contains information on and links to the Workforce Integrated Performance System (WIPS) and related resources

Fiscal Reporting

General Reporting

  • Grant Reporting Overview – This website provides an orientation to the grant reporting requirements for Federal awards.