A new series of Industry-Focus Calls for ASE and SAE grantees explores promising practices and crucial success factors in expanding Registered Apprenticeship in key sectors, including advanced manufacturing, information technology, education, and public service.


Each call features several experts, including at least one peer from a state that has been making strong headway in growing apprenticeship within that industry.  The moderated discussions address common grantee interests and questions on topics such as:


  • What is driving the sector’s interest in the apprenticeship model
  • What occupations show great potential for apprenticeship expansion
  • Promising models and partnerships that are working in the sector
  • Tools and resources to support grantee work

This new round of calls builds on a series of calls held in 2019 and 2020.  The recordings, transcripts, and summaries from both series of calls are available below.


Public Sector (May 27, 2021) 


Education (April 22, 2021) 


Information Technology (March 25, 2021)



Advanced Manufacturing (February 25, 2021)



Financial Services (June 24, 2020)



Agriculture (May 27, 2020)



Energy and Utilities (April 22, 2020)



Transportation and Logistics (April 17,2020)



Hospitality (February 26, 2020)



Advanced Manufacturing (January 28, 2020)



Information Technology (January 7, 2020)



Health Care (December 17, 2019)