WIPS Reporting Training Series for Apprenticeship Grants (beginning with AP) implementation.

This series was developed to prepare Apprenticeship grantee reporting teams from Apprenticeship State Expansion Grant (ASE), State Apprenticeship Expansion (SAE2020), and Youth Apprenticeship Readiness Grants (YARG) grants to utilize the Workforce Integrated Performance System (WIPS) to report participant data.   If you have multiple awarded grants, they are considered active, and grantees should be operating and managing them concurrently. 

ASE grantees with participants will be expected to begin reporting in WIPS for the quarter ending Dec. 31, 2020, due Feb. 14, 2021.  DOL strongly encourages grantees to begin uploading 3-4 weeks prior to the deadline for the first few quarters to maximize troubleshooting time.  For this Feb. 14, 2021 due date only, ASE grantees may submit in WIPS, AND an interim report on the excel sheet to ensure a timely submittal. 

Grantees who are still reporting zero participants must continue with the interim format until there are participants to report.

WIPS Training Number 1: Apprenticeship Grants WIPS Overview

WIPS Training Number 2: Introduction to WIPS

WIPS Training Number 3: A Deeper Dive: The Apprenticeship PIRL & Schema, Valid Values & Logic Rules

WIPS Training Number 4: WIPS 101

WIPS Training Number 5: Troubleshooting & Remaining Questions