A new series of profiles for ASE, SAE and SAE 2020 grantees explores strategies, promising practices, and success factors regarding performance tracking and case management for state Registered Apprenticeship expansion grants.  The profiles were developed based on interviews with leadership from the following three state apprenticeship teams:

  • Iowa (OA state; uses Geographic Solutions apprenticeship module)
  • Maine (SAA state; uses America’s Job Link Alliance apprenticeship module)
  • Michigan (OA state; uses proprietary One Stop Management Information System)

Each profile describes the key elements of the state’s approach to performance tracking and case management, including system functionality and development, partner integration, subgrantee management, staffing issues, and more.  The profiles also highlight their challenges, success factors, and benefits of their approach.  The profiles can serve as a resource for many states trying to determine the best way to approach their own performance tracking and data integrity challenges.

Additional information on grants reporting can be found at ASE Grants Reporting Resources.