All SAE 2020 grantees are required to submit quarterly financial and narrative reports, and grantees that serve participants (all Tier II and some Tier I grants) must submit quarterly performance reports as well. The resources below will help SAE 2020 grantees submit accurate reports and troubleshoot common reporting challenges.

Quarterly Financial Reporting

  • Financial Reporting Resources – Provides links to the required forms and instructions, as well as resources to help you understand your financial reporting requirements.

Quarterly Performance Reporting

  • Apprenticeship Grants Performance Reporting – The Office of Apprenticeship provides all resources related to quarterly performance reporting in the Workforce Integrated Performance System (WIPS) on this page. The page includes the Apprenticeship Grants Reporting Resources, a reference guide, FAQs, and links to WIPS trainings. Only SAE 2020 grantees that serve participants (all Tier II grants and some Tier I grants) submit performance reports.
  • State Apprenticeship Grants - Performance Accountability and Reporting Webinar – Provides information about the indicators of performance specific to ASE and SAE 2020 as well as the WIOA core indicators, how they are calculated and what they mean. The webinar also describes how the performance pieces fit together – such as which indicators should receive the most focus and why.
  • Apprenticeship State Grant Performance Tracking Profiles – A new series of profiles for ASE, SAE and SAE 2020 grantees that explores strategies, promising practices, and success factors regarding performance tracking and case management for state Registered Apprenticeship expansion grants. The profiles can serve as a resource for many states trying to determine the best way to approach their own performance tracking and data integrity challenges.

Quarterly Narrative Reporting

  • SAE 2020 grantees should use the QNR template approved in May 2021 (available under related content in Word and PDF) and grantees with participants (who submit QPRs through WIPS) will also begin to submit QNRs through WIPS. Instructions to follow.

General SAE 2020 Reporting Resources

  • The new WIPS Designation Form! Beginning September 1, 2021, Grantee Authorized Representatives should use this new PDF form to request WIPS access for the SAE 2020 Apprenticeship Grants.

  • SAE 2020 Grantee FAQs – Includes many questions related to tracking and reporting.

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