State apprenticeship teams are looking to accelerate growth in Registered Apprenticeship to achieve expansion goals. These tools have been designed to complement long-term strategies and help to accelerate progress toward grant performance goals or overall state and regional apprenticeship expansion goals. 


The Apprenticeship Expansion Acceleration Strategies Resource highlights two types of strategies for state apprenticeship teams. Using the Five Elements of Effective Apprenticeship Expansion, this resource focuses on short-term strategies that may result in quick gains, as well as acceleration strategies to speed up progress toward goals and shorten timelines for longer-term expansion. It includes examples of these strategies in action across the country.

The Apprenticeship Expansion Acceleration Strategies Action Planning Tool (PDF version here) helps state apprenticeship teams review the quick-win and acceleration strategies outlined in the Apprenticeship Expansion Acceleration Strategies Resource, identify strategies that may work in their states, and plan and document next steps. 

The Apprenticeship Program Registration Process Assessment can help apprenticeship teams map and assess their current process for registering programs and gather feedback to determine and prioritize areas where it can be streamlined, while ensuring quality program standards development.